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Posted: 01/14/2011
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Homes for wounded warriors

Mary Jo Mastel
Mary Jo Mastel on November 10, 2011 8:40am Thank you Jared for all that you do! Myself a strong supporter of many org for our troops. I donate monthly to Wounded Warrior AND purchasaed your Paul Jr. Design t shirt, which I will be wearing 1st qtr. @ Dec. 4th game. Row 6, Section 110, diff apparel for every qtr. You are having an awesom season!!! Always thought of you as one of the best players in NFL. I like Kleinsasser too, being a ND native and all. He is pretty cool and can play some damn good football too. Good Luck on your game(s) (12/4, see you there), and all your ventures in the future.
Dan Thorstad
Dan Thorstad on November 10, 2011 8:49pm Thanks Jared! Let's get your organization in the CFC next year!