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Hey everyone,

I haven't written in for awhile I have been busy at work. So as you know by now we are in first place in the Division and off to play the Lions. I know that they haven't won a game yet, but this will be a tough game and we have been working hard to prepare for the game.


This is an exciting time of the year cause we are close to reaching some of our goals. On a personal note my mullet is looking awesome. I also won my 5th straight American Idol (Wii addition) Title. I'm gearing up for christmas by getting the grossest holiday sweater ever. If you don't know what I'm talking about I am sure you all have a grandma that wears a sweater that is Red and Green with a picture of Rudolph on it. So now you all know the look I'm going for. In the weeks past I have just been doing a lot of hunting and freezing my ass off in the cold up here. But it paid off when I bagged a couple deer. We will be trying to bag the Lions this week.


I hope you all have a safe holiday season.


Keep It Sexy... Jared Allen