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Catching Up
Posted: 10/19/2011
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  Hey everyone what's up, First off I apologize for not writing in a while. I spent a lot of time this offseason with my family, training hard for this season, and working on my charity Jared Allen's Homes for Wounded Warriors. I feel...
Stay With Us
Posted: 09/22/2010
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Hey everyone,   Well lets dive right into it.  I know that a 0-2 start wasn't what any of us had planned.  But sometimes stuff happens and you just have to roll with it.  We will fight back and get back on the winning path.   So on a separate...
Marriage and Mullets
Posted: 09/08/2010
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Hey everyone. I know it's been a while since I have written. I have had one of the busiest off-seasons I have ever had.  Well let's get it over with. The loss to the Saints sucked ass but I think we will grow as a team from that experience. So we...
Gearing up for X-Mas
Posted: 12/18/2009
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Hey everyone, I haven't written in for awhile I have been busy at work. So as you know by now we are in first place in the Division and off to play the Lions. I know that they haven't won a game yet, but this will be a tough game and we have been...
South Dakota blasting
Posted: 10/22/2009
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Hey everyone, Hope all is well. Things are going pretty good on my end. We piled up a couple wins before we lost a tough one to the Bears. We are all ready to take on the Texans here at home. But don't think that just because I haven't written in a...
Looking Forward
Posted: 10/14/2009
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So again I have to start this journal out with an apology. We didn't play are best football against the Titians and we ended up getting our asses kicked. Im looking forward to playing the Saints on Monday Night. The time is now for our team. We need...
Colts Journal
Posted: 10/08/2009
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Hey everyone, So I will just come out with it cause everyone is probably wondering what the hell went wrong against the Colts. Simply put we just didn't finish. That was a hard one to put to rest but we are working hard on the Panthers. A positive on...
Posted: 01/15/2009
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Hey everyone,   Again it has been awhile since I have wrote… that is because it’s so cold up here that my fingers don't work. Well even though it has been cold we were able to win our division. I am gearing up for the Eagles tomorrow by hanging...
Mullet Lifestyle Code
Posted: 11/13/2008
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Hey everyone, First of all let me start by saying I'm sorry for the loss on Monday Night. It was a pretty physical game, but my body is recovering nicely. Now my pride, that’s a different story. This game was a tough loss because it was a...
Pulling out...
Posted: 09/12/2008
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Hey everyone… Hope all is well. Things are a lot better now that we picked up our first win. It felt good to close out a team once we had them down. We had a good week of work getting ready for the Titians. I'm Excited about this game cause I have...
Posted: 08/12/2008
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Hey what's up everyone! First of all I would like to welcome everyone to my new site. I hope you like it because I think it is badass. Anyways, we hope to provide all the fans with a bunch of cool stuff. We will have everything from apparel to...