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At the age of eight, Jared Allen told his father he wanted to become a professional football player. And, in order to do so, his father, Ron, told him to eat, sleep and breathe football until he achieved his goal.


With a league-leading 15 ½ sacks in 2008, amounting to 43 total in his four short years in the NFL, it’s safe to say that Jared met his goal but that was just the beginning.


To many, Jared, is most recognizable for his profound statistics on the field. That’s why he is a five-time Pro-Bowler, four-time All-Pro, two-time NFL sack leader, and broke the Minnesota Vikings single–season sack record in 2011 with 22 sacks.


But it’s not the paycheck, numbers, or accolades that define Jared’s character-it’s his insatiable appetite for life and his devoted love for his wife and daughter.

When the six-foot-six, 260-pounder is not hunting quarterbacks from the defensive line, or adhering to a rigorous training regiment in the off-season, the 31-year-old can be found with a hearty smile, hunting rifle in hand, combing the world for his next adventurous conquest.


Since being picked by the Kansas Chiefs as a fourth-round draft pick from Idaho State University in 2004, Jared’s been red stag hunting in New Zealand, running with the bulls in Spain, skydiving in Arizona, zip-lining through the rain forests in Costa Rica and filming a bear hunt in Idaho for his national television show Relentless Pursuit.

He even killed a 200-pound wild boar, equipped with only a hunting knife, and speared an elk now resting comfortably on his living-room wall and used the meat to test his recipes for his published Quarterback Killers Cookbook.


Raised on the outskirts of San Jose, California on a horse ranch in a small farming community, Jared has grown up a peculiar product of his environment.


Aside from tending the stables, Jared has heeded his father’s words and lived for football.


He stuck out as a large boy throughout his youth; a devastating force as Los Gatos High School’s most valuable player, racking up 96 tackles and 12 sacks his senior year. In lieu of his astounding statistics, he went on to be named First-Team All-League, 2000 Defensive Player of the Year, and inducted into the Los Gatos High School Football Hall of Fame.


His work ethics and desire to be the best defensive end to the play the game stayed with him through his college career at ISU. After four straight years being named All Big Sky Conference, he soon became known as the most prolific pass rusher in Division 1-AA football. And, in his senior year, Jared became the first player ever from his division to receive the Buck Buchanan Award as the top defensive player in the nation.

After being drafted by the Chiefs in 2004, acquired mainly for his long-snapping abilities, Jared went to work quickly to carve out a name for himself. He cracked into the starting lineup the sixth game into his rookie season as a defensive end and amassed a team-high nine sacks by the end of the year. He has since dominated the defensive line and has become one of the most feared by quarterbacks in the league.


Growing up with a huge respect for his family’s commitment to service in our Armed Forces, Jared took part in a USO tour to Iraq in March 2009.  Humbled by the dedication, commitment, and sacrifices our men and women make every day to protect our freedom, he knew he had to return to the states and give back in a big way. Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors commenced, a non-profit created for the sole purpose of raising money to build homes for injured veterans. Since it’s inception, Jared has changed the lives of 5 severely injured heroes, and in typical Jared Allen fashion, this is only the beginning. A massive guy with an even bigger heart has vowed that he will do whatever is within his power to make sure that our wounded do not struggle in their homes which resulted from an injury while fighting for his.


An entrepreneur at heart, Jared owns seven successful businesses, ranging from national recognized restaurants to an accredited commercial technology firm, in Arizona providing over 100 residents with jobs.


But to those who know him best, Jared will always be the adventurous farm-boy and a loving husband and father who’s persistence enough to live out his dreams, while fearless enough to sport a mullet.